‘Tight to good, loose to outstanding’


What a load of tripe. Someone, somewhere must’ve used this at an education leadership conference and leaders have taken this soundbite and used it in their own school/organisation.

Amongst it’s many flaws are the fact that it’s linking school improvement by Ofsted grade. But more worryingly for teachers, I’ve only ever heard this used to justify making teachers do things the same; to control teaching & systems.

I’ve seen this manifest itself in many ways in schools:

  • Books must all have the same format
  • Assessments must all have the same proforma
  • All lessons must start in the same way
  • All lessons must be structured in the same way or feature a set of ‘non-negotiables’ e.g. there must be ‘mini plenaries’ throughout the lesson
  • All teachers must say ‘X’ or write ‘X’ on the board for every lesson

It seems to be a common feature of schools that are struggling and…

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