Skipping school to save the world

Filling the pail

Each year I live in Australia, the natural disasters mount and appear to worsen. Every spring, as the bush fire season approaches, we make our preparations.

I am aware of the impact of climate change, but also that I am part of the problem. I drive a petrol car and I fly to the UK to see family and friends.

Nevertheless, there are some reasons to be mildly optimistic. Solar energy has taken off in Australia and is looking even more worthwhile now that battery storage has become viable. My next car may be electric, powered largely by the southern sun that glints off our roof. And one day, I hope, there will be industrial plants that brew carbon neutral aviation fuel.

But these are largely market-based solutions, even if they are eased by subsidies and tax breaks. Otherwise, the politics of climate change is a mess. The intransigent wing…

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