An open letter to Theresa May on the link between free school meals and knife crime

Filling the pail

Dear Mrs May

We know you’ve probably got a lot on right now, but we would like to draw your attention to something.

The depressing rise in youth knife crime has been well documented, but did you know that children who commit knife offences are four times as likely to be claiming free school meals than children who don’t commit these offences?

Clearly, this means that although this is a complex and nuanced issue, free school meals are certainly a factor in knife crime.

We are not saying that all free school meals should be banned. Of course not. There are some extreme cases where the issuing of free school meals is warranted. We are just suggesting that we get rid of all the entirely frivolous cases of free school meals – all those instances when free school meals have been doled out without much thought, perhaps for the lols.

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