Why Not A Knowledge-Rich Curriculum?

Trivium 21c

Curriculum Shorts (Some short musings about curriculum)

We all know what we mean by a knowledge-rich curriculum but, as with all pithy phrases, we don’t. And if that isn’t a great contradiction, I don’t know what is. Knowledge-rich can mean, within certain, wide-ranging, parameters, anything you want it to mean. Lots of people can use the phrase and pretend that there is some sort of agreement as long as we don’t look too closely at what might be meant.

‘We all teach knowledge’ is one of the phrases used to argue against ‘knowledge-rich’ approaches, and you can see how a problem might arise… We do all, indeed, teach knowledge.

In many people’s pockets and on many people’s desks, a knowledge-rich environment is but a tap or a click away. There is a lot of knowledge out there on the internet, in the library, there is more easily accessible knowledge than…

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