Harry Fletcher-Wood, Responsive Teaching: Cognitive Science and Formative Assessment in Pratice


Harry Fletcher-Wood understands exactly how to make a book user-friendly.  Reading this book, it is clear that lots of thought has gone into how to organise the material so as to best support the work of classroom teachers.  The chapters all follow broadly the same format, breaking down a topic under general headings, such as ‘the problem’, ‘the evidence’ ‘and ‘practical tools’.  Each chapter explains the nature of a problem teachers might encounter and the evidence they should understand when formulating a response to that problem, before exploring practical responses to the problem in hand.  To help teachers decide what methods to choose to tackle the problems they face, Fletcher-Wood present alternative stories of action.  For example, chapter 5 ‘How can we tell what students are thinking?’ explores four commonly advocated ways of tracking students’ understanding.  This exploration helps the reader to see exactly why some methods should be preferred…

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