Gender Stereotypes and School: Handwriting

Trans Teacher (in Training)

In July 2017, I went into two schools and conducted some research for my master’s thesis. Now that my thesis has finally been submitted and accepted, I have decided to share some of my findings.

Part of my analysis involved ranking the participants by the quality of their handwriting, which was done using comparative judgement – a much more suitable method for subjective tasks such as art and writing than, for example, grading with the use of rubrics, and often more reliable (Pollitt, 2012 (1); Whitehouse & Pollitt, 2012 (2)). The downside of such a method, especially when using a small sample, is that the ranking does not necessarily accurately reflect the true variation between the quality of examples. For instance, the examples ranked third and fourth could be very different in quality, while those ranked fifth and tenth could be very similar if most of the examples are very…

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