Are educational videos rubbish?

A Chemical Orthodoxy

A little while back I was observed teaching my year 10s about the development of the periodic table and Mendeleev’s contributions. As per usual, I explained a bit, the students did some work, we went over their work, then I explained some more. I used diagrams, tables and pictures to aid my explanations.

In the post-obs feedback, the observer said to me that at a certain point in the slides there had been a link to a video, and it was a “shame” that I hadn’t used it. The lesson would have been better if I had have used the video.

This memory came back to me recently when the shoe was on the other foot: I was observing someone else. As part of their instruction they used an educational video and, in my opinion, it’s a shame that they did use it.


When I trained I was told to…

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