Challenge + Expectations

Trying to Make Sense

One of the most thought-provoking* lessons I have ever observed wasn’t very challenging.  (*For me)  You could not hear the cogs grinding as pupils struggled to comprehend complex, abstract concepts.  There was little requirement to draw upon extensive prior learning to draw inferences from a text. Questioning was clear, incisive, but answers could readily be extracted from the resources provided to pupils – there was little need to synthesise from more than one source, to extrapolate from data, to suggest explanations not made explicit.  But the pupils were working very hard. Behaviour was impeccable. Concentration was unwavering. The quantity of work produced, individually and collectively, exceeded what I had seen in most, if not all, lessons in my career to date. Books were beyond immaculate. Pupils, including some particularly recalcitrant individuals, did more work in class, more homework and more revision for this teacher than they did for any of…

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