The Silent Treatment

La Vie en Classe

Yesterday, I read about a mother who has removed her son from a school in Birmingham following an announcement that the school will adopt silence in corridors during lesson transitions. I try to stay open-minded on matters about schools, so did some digging into why this well-intentioned mother might be so unsettled by the idea of silence in her son’s school.

I came across an article which refers to Ninestiles and its decision to have silent corridors as “the stuff of Matilda.” The comparison between one headteacher’s adoption of silent corridors and another’s throwing of children out of windows seems, to me, a little far-fetched? So I’ve taken to this post to shed some light on why our pupils keep the corridors silent at Michaela and why it’s really, kind of great…


The word ‘corridor’ actually comes from the latin currere meaning ‘to run’. Similarly, in French couloir deviates from…

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