10 reasons lessons can be less effective than they could be:


From my observations of lessons, when lessons appear to be less effective than they could be, there are lots of common reasons.  Previously I have written about:

The five forms of feedback I give to teachers most often,

Lessons that misfire. 

Here, is a quick list of 10 reasons lessons might not be effective – which in reverse might serve as a list of things to try to get right; implicitly a list of what really good teachers do well.

All of the reasons are things that can be absent or, more usually, insufficient.

  1. Explicit knowledge goals:  What do you want students to know, exactly, by the end of the lesson. If you think about tasks or general headings, it’s much harder to secure knowledge and understanding. The more precise you are, the sharper lessons can be.  Which words, facts, phrases, concepts – exactly – do you want…

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