Wear the damn earrings

Matthew Evans

My wife doesn’t wear earrings. She stopped wearing them 25 years ago when she met me. I was an opinionated young man (as opposed to the opinionated older man I am now) and made it clear that I had no time for jewelry and piercing. She should have just carried on wearing them anyway, but when you are 18 and meet a new guy, perhaps feminism isn’t at the top of your agenda. It was quite sweet really. I’m sure I did lots of things to accommodate her irrational prejudices too. We all have a desire to impress people, to receive positive feedback or simply fall in to line with what they expect. It isn’t necessarily that we do things for people, just that if what we’re doing isn’t going to get a positive reaction, why bother?

Ofsted don’t want us to do things to impress them. Sean Harford keeps…

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