Matthew Evans

I often get asked by one or other of my daughters what I’ve done at work that day.  I usually give them one of two answers. I might say “Nothing exciting. A few meetings. Wrote a report. Had to sign stuff.” These are the bad days when I’ve had to plough through the things that have to be done. However, more often than not I’ll say “Wandered around.” This has become a running joke because obviously wandering around isn’t ‘work’. Nobody wanders around for a living.

Now before I create the wrong impression, I don’t actually spend whole days wandering around – just chunks of time. And it isn’t because I haven’t got anything better to do either (if only). It is actually a deliberate leadership approach. Honestly. Wandering around is something I have made part of my way of doing leadership. My girls think I’m making it up, so…

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