A Plea to Drop the TRAD label

Embarrassingly, I’ve often said, “what’s the point in learning stuff when you can just look it up on Google”. I’ve also nodded approvingly when someone has said we should teach kids gardening because it increases their creativity. I’ve sent congratulatory emails to teachers when I’ve been in classes and seen the kids “engaged” in group work and enjoying their learning completely independently of what it was they were actually engaged in and “enjoying” doing. All these things I did because my entire teaching training (2007-08, peak “prog” pedagogy time methinks) told me they were good. As far as I’m concerned the status quo, the received wisdom, the dominant thinking was and indeed IS that these are the right things to do. I have also rather cringingly passed on the seemingly water-tight advice that we should “catch kids being good” in order to fix their behavior in the classroom.

Source: A Plea to Drop the TRAD label


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