Teaching as Leadership

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Teaching as Leadership


Some might dismiss the idea that ‘all teachers are leaders in the classroom’ as management piffle designed to convince the world that there’s more to teaching than tea breaks and long holidays. Suggesting that a 22-year-old NQT is somehow a ‘leader’ the instant they step in to a classroom is, perhaps understandably, ignored by many critics. But after setting aside my own instinctive mistrust of the phrase, I have come to believe that there is more than a grain of truth to this (admittedly a bit cheesy) rhetoric.

Last week, I blogged about relationships. As a teacher, your aim should be to get 100% of pupils to be ‘with you’- i.e. they are inspired to work hard for you because they trust you. But what specific actions can we take to ensure that every single kid is ‘with you’? What does that actually look like…

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