The good, the bad and the struggling – which are you?


In last Friday’s edition of ‘Schools Week’, Steve Mastin, Chair of the Conservative Education Society, engaged in a debate with Mary Bousted about the future of Ofsted.  You can read the article here.  Mastin suggested that what is needed in schools is “a performance management system where bad teachers are got rid of, struggling teachers are supported, good teachers are left to thrive.”

I remembered that a few years ago (2011 when I checked), I wrote a piece for the Guardian Teacher Network following comments from a Sutton Trust report and from the then Ofsted Chief Inspector Michael Wilshaw about how many poor teachers were operating in our schools, which I called ‘It’s too simplistic to condemn ‘poor’ teachers’.  Rereading it seven years on, I realise that my views haven’t changed.  In fact, given the worsening teacher recruitment and retention challenge, the idea that poor practitioners can simply be ‘got…

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