The School Shaming Excuses

Pocket Quintilian

Twice in my career, the school at which I was teaching at the time had its name dragged through the gutter by the tabloid press. In both cases, the attacks from the media were unprovoked, unwarranted and cruel. In both cases, the media were telling about a tenth of the full story.

As an ordinary classroom teacher I was largely shielded from the impact of these campaigns, but they certainly had their effect on the senior executive of the school, and most particularly on the parents and students. I have had colleagues, friends and relatives who have been on the receiving end of such treatment as well, and sometimes it has had a considerable effect on their health and general wellbeing.

This perhaps explains why I have been quite sensitive to “school shaming” incidents even when they affect schools on the other side of the world. I know what it’s…

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