Your role in changing education research

Filling the pail

Education research can lack relevance. It often takes a postmodern and slightly silly stance, closely related to what the recent ‘Sokal Squared‘ hoaxers refer to as ‘grievance studies’. Not only does such research lack relevance to teachers, there is growing evidence that the whole identity politics project leaves the public at large pretty cold. As an aside, I fear that an adoption of identity politics by mainstream left-of-centre politics could shut them out of power for many years to come. But that is not what this post is about.

There have been a number of attempts to refocus education research on topics and methods that are of more practical significance. Probably the largest of these projects so far are the Education Endowment Foundation in the U.K., Evidence for Learning, its franchise in Australia and similar endeavours in the U.S such as I3. These projects tend to…

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