Who should decide what is best for students with special educational needs?

Filling the pail

There was a recent attempt at school-shaming on Twitter*. School-shaming occurs either as the result of a newspaper article, perhaps about a headteacher clamping down on a school uniform, or, as in this case, when someone feverishly scrolls through a school’s website, looking for things they disagree with. School-shamers then take to Twitter to denounce the school and seek support from a Twitter mob. The impact of these campaigns can be profoundly negative on the schools involved. There is also an imbalance of power – often stories emerge from students or parents and the school cannot give their version of these events without breaching confidentiality.

However, something out there has changed. It was heartening to see a number of teachers speak out against this latest attempt at school-shaming, but there was a further twist. The school-shamers had attempted to argue that the fact that the school in question had high…

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