Why do our pupils forget what we teach them?

How then should we teach?

As Willingham (2009) points out, the human memory system is still mysterious even to the scientists who study it. We notice this strange reality everyday. Sometimes we forget why we walked into a room even though we waltzed through the door with purpose. In the middle of a conversation, we begin speaking and then forget what we were going to say. We put our keys down moments before and then forgot where we put them – later finding them in our pocket.

Despite this rapid forgetting, at other times we are able to recall stories from our childhood as if they happened yesterday. We can still remember the smells of the best (and worst) of our Mum’s cooking. Sometimes we are in situations and memories we thought we’d lost come back, searing into our consciousness, reminding us of something that makes the present situation more familiar than we first thought…

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