‘Miss, I’ve got to the end of my page: can I turn over?’

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Ah, Year 7: so new, so shiny, so keen, so many questions…

Okay, I am generalising and at risk of sounding slightly unkind – neither of which are admirable traits. In all seriousness, I often think that your Year 7 class can set the tone for your whole teaching year: expectations are high and we want some good ‘raw material’ to work with.

I am not naturally ‘good’ with the younger students; I like ‘em big and gobby with the cynicism of adolescence and the chutzpah of youth. I often feel like a hyped-up CBeebies presenter with the little’uns – all manic smiles, unwavering enthusiasm and brightly coloured knitwear. I’m naturally dry, borderline sarcastic and with a propensity to see sexual imagery in pretty much any text ever written; I’m not sure these characteristics make the best checklist for an excellent teacher of Year 7. It is perhaps with some…

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