5 things students need to understand about marks


I read The Tyranny of Metrics recently.  It is as interesting as everyone says, but what I ended up thinking about wasn’t so much the problems and unintended consequences of the data schools and teachers are (or have been) asked to collect, although this is something Muller address well.  What I found myself thinking about was the various ways students misunderstand and misuse data.  They, like the rest of us, need to remember that ‘measurement may provide us with distorted knowledge – knowledge that seems solid but it is actually deceptive.’  Below are 5 key things that I would like students to remember about the data they receive, in the form of marks for tests and essays.

One test result does not necessarily encapsulate your ability.

If you did very well, ask yourself honestly why.  Were you lucky with the topics or questions that came up?  Would you have done…

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