Writing in Science: A Symposium

Bunsen Blue

The task of teaching pupils how to write is not reserved solely for English teachers. You cannot teach writing devoid of content, and you cannot truly say you teach a discipline unless your pupils become proficient at explaining the ideas of your subject in prose. So, teaching writing through your subject is inevitable.

Starting with this premise, I am excited to introduce a series of blog posts, written by a range of science teachers, that focus on writing in science: ‘Writing in Science: A Symposium’. Why have a series of blogs on writing, and why explicitly narrow it to science teaching?

To answer the second part of the question first, science is a subject discipline which demands a specific type of writing. Firstly, it requires the masterful use of domain-specific (tier 3) vocabulary. Often these words have homonyms which range from having wholly different meanings (e.g. tissue, field) to subtly…

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