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So after reading a recent comments regarding the curriculum and the excellent blog by @heymisssmith regarding her thoughts about it, I’d thought I’d pen some of my own, from a different perspective.

So here’s my take.

Teachers. Have you ever taught some maths and thought (or perhaps even said aloud), “Did they actually teach [insert aspect of maths here] last year?! They don’t know much! I’ve had to go right back to basics.” I’ve heard it many times throughout my career. I use maths as an example as it’s a subject that most primary teachers spend more time teaching, along with English. Yet I haven’t really heard it all that much about history or geography or art. I wonder why? For primary teachers, I can think of a few reasons:

1/ Teachers test maths more than some other subjects (no, DON’T automatically assume I mean written, formal tests)

2/ Teachers…

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