Curriculum neglect, pedagogical prescription and the problem of the scripted lesson

Clio et cetera

I read an interesting blog post today that took a critical look at an approach to curriculum that involves providing teachers with scripted lessons and very limited choice about what to teach or how to teach it. For what it is worth, I agree with the critique. It does not matter how much you try, you cannot ‘teacher-proof’ a curriculum. Nor, I suggest, would you want to. We simply cannot live in a world where we think it acceptable for a teacher to know so little of what he or she teaches that he or she is incapable of interpreting a curriculum. If a school is facing this problem, then the first and most urgent priority is to get the relevant teachers onto a decent course. Enthusiastic words from senior leaders and government ministers about subject knowledge are worthless if not backed by the time and money to take subject…

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