Myth busting … or team forming, is Myers-Briggs fake news?

Quodcumque - Serious Christianity

If I visited a school for which I have any sort of responsibility and were to see the walls plastered with information on ‘learning styles’, or lesson observation forms covered in references to Bloom’s Taxonomy (and I have seen all this) I would speak, discreetly, I hope, to the Head. I would point her or him in the direction of the myth busting websites that show that there is no scientific basis for ‘learning styles’. I might even recommend a book I reviewed recently which seeks to provide a scientific basis for our understanding of learning.

Why then, at the last 24 hour residential of the Multi-Academy Trust of which I am CEO did I say to my colleagues that on our next residential we would all “do Myers-Briggs”? Which certainly has less scientific basis than learning styles.

[I am not going to explain Myers-Briggs here or the MBTI, if…

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