Marginal Learning Losses

The Stable Oyster

If you want to read about Marginal Learning Gains, look no further than Zoe Elder’s blog. Zoe introduces it here – giving a succinct summary of Marginal Learning Gains – or you can go straight to the MLG blog here. David Didau also has a collation of ways that MLG can apply to the classroom here. Marginal Learning Gains is a concept inspired by Team Sky – our British professional cycling team. Essentially, making everything a tiny bit better will yield huge improvements overall.

This blog looks at ways we’re doing the opposite – how we make tiny losses, which all accrue and result in stunted progress. I’ve called these Marginal Learning Losses. I have no idea if this has already been done – if so, please send me details, and I’ll read and link.

Marginal Learning Losses are tiny little disruptions to teaching (and therefore learning)…

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