‘….. and then there was a massive explosion and everyone died. THE END’

The Quirky Teacher

This is a blog post about how to nurture creative writers. It is a response to this article, which tells us that in order to help children become creative writers, schools should increase opportunities to do creative writing via the use of various kinds of stimuli, as well as the hook of a small amount of media fame, over and above dwelling on boring things like basic sentence construction, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

I think their approach is going to be great for the children who already love (and are therefore relatively good at) writing, but for many others, it will be frustrating and potentially disastrous in the long run. To me, this situation is analogous to the folly of trying to develop problem solving ability in maths through the medium of lots of fun lessons with group work, discovery and of course open-ended problem solving. We all know…

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