The Worst of Both Worlds – yet another update

Pocket Quintilian

The vaguely leftish Ken Robinson acolytes can occasionally generate a few eye-rolls (and giggles), but for pure, industrial-strength edudrivel, you can’t go past the economic instrumentalists.

The World Economic Forum has copious form in that elusive mix of condescension and ignorance which marks out the truly teeth-grinding education articles, and their latest effusion is a fine example of the genre.

We have the standard “no-one can be sure about the future” caveat…

While we can’t predict exactly what our workforce’s needs will be…

…followed in quick succession by the usual claims of clairvoyance:

Some of the topics we teach today will no longer be essential in the 2030s…

We are…failing to adequately prepare the next generation for the future…

Our schools should teach the curriculum of the future…

To prepare all students with the creative, collaborative and digital problem-solving skills of the future…

Err…what was that bit about creativity…

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