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Because many of the teachers that I follow on Twitter and elsewhere hail from the UK, I have had to get up to speed with the terminology and acronyms of British education. Ofsted, NQT, SEND and all the rest.

Thankfully, the various key phrases of the dedicated education progressivists constitute a universal language; in the US, the UK, Canada or Australia, the terms are much the same. Sadly, however, they do require translation into English, and this post is an attempt to do so. The terms in question are in ordinary type, the translations in italics.

Educator : non-teacher

Thought leader : charlatan

Initiative : fad

Ongoing initiative : fad from which there is no escape

Just facts, mere facts, only facts, etc. : facts

Rote learning : learning

Deep learning : shallow learning

Silos : school subjects

19th-century factory model : classrooms

Child abuse : school rules

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