London’s kiss

Filling the pail

London is my lost love. With raven hair and a crooked smile she would grasp my hand and take me dancing, or to syrupy Sundays in pub gardens.

I started blogging about education in 2012 and was skulking in the shadows when the first researchED event was held. In 2015 I was involved in the inaugural researchED Australia and I have helped coordinate the others since. I feel like I am part of a movement and yet this weekend’s event in London was the first UK conference I have ever attended.

I couldn’t help compare it to Australia. London was like the last two events at Brighton Grammar in Melbourne, only with ten times as many teachers attending and no map. I saw talks from Nick Gibb, Daisy Christodoulou, Joanne Williams and Nick Rose. There were many others I would have liked to see but the programme’s hard choices and…

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