Calmly & Respectfully

No Easy Answers

This year, Heads of Year have sent around details about key students. One line was written about many students: “appreciates being spoken to in a calm and respectful manner.”

As a friend of mine said, who doesn’t?

Of all the multitude of advice that has been sent out so far, this line really stuck out for me. I’m going to try to unpack why.

I’ve raised my voice at a student exactly once so far this year. This student was being rude to me, or maybe my view was that he was being rude to me. No, no, I’m an adult, I know when someone is being rude to me, and he was.

I felt completely justified in my annoyance and frustration. Who wouldn’t?

I’m perfectly capable of staying calm when I’m frustrated and annoyed. What are the benefits of making my feelings clear to the student by raising…

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