Feedback & Marking

The Grumpy Teacher

“Well, Grumpy, that was a terrific lesson. And it was therefore entirely consistent with all the rest of your excellent performance this year: you are a model teacher. Well done. Your target: do exactly the same next year.”

That’s the sort of feedback I like to hear when I’m subjected to the colossal waste of everyone’s time that is the appraisal procedure. Doesn’t everyone?

Oh no, I hear some of you say. I’m a professional. I am very interested in the judgment of my seniors. I want material on which to reflect so that I am continuously improving my practice. It probably says somewhere in the Teachers’ Standards that I should be.

Yeah, sure, but we all know you don’t need it.

My next favourite kind of feedback is something which is, in my experience, pretty rare. I only got it in my first school, at the beginning of…

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