Inclusion versus specialisation

Filling the pail

If you hang around in the education sections of social media for long enough, you are bound to encounter a collection of teachers, academics and parents who campaign vociferously for inclusive education, where students with speciality educational needs, disorders and disabilities are included in regular classrooms rather than being given specialist provision.

Such advocates have a lot of important, valid points to make. Unfortunately, these are often lost due to a tendency to speak in slogans such as ‘all means all’ and an intolerance of disagreement. If you challenge a point made by an inclusion advocate, you are unlikely to receive a reasoned response and likely to have various laws and regulations quoted back at you.

This latter point is important because inclusion advocates have made great gains in terms of regulation. As a new article in Education Next by Allison F. Gilmour, an assistant professor of special education at…

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