Disengaged boys: just make it a competition, right?

A Chemical Orthodoxy

A while back I’d just finished a unit in a double lesson with my year 11s. We had about 15 minutes to go so I let them do some free revision, either making sure they had answered all questions set or get on with some retrieval practice on Quizlet. Almost all of them took it seriously, other than Danny. Danny was a Disengaged Boy. He couldn’t care less about his GCSEs and was utterly uninterested by the whole process. I had been told not to get into confrontations with him, but I could try and engage him by using baseball. Apparently he loved baseball.

As usual, Danny just put his head on the desk. How I dealt with that throughout the year will have to wait for another blog, today is about something else. Danny zoned out of the lesson completely, until he heard a small commotion in the row…

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