Frank Furedi’s talk on mental health at ResearchEd 2018

The Quirky Teacher

I have put something in my Todoist planner (recommend it) to blog once a week on a Monday. This week’s blog is a digest of Frank Furedi’s talk about mental health. Nutshell: we’re all doomed unless we collectively recognise what is really going on and take active steps to do something about it.

Frank began by going through some statistics, highlighting the massive increase in the use of mental health as a reason for making claims upon an already stretched system. Something like 15% increase in a year which is interesting because it shows that we haven’t reached a peak in terms of accommodating mental health issues. What’s also interesting is that according to Frank’s analysis all of the media claims are that mental health among young people is getting worse and that the language used is overly inflated, with frequent warnings that all student will be, for example, ‘damaged…

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