Giving our data a haircut

Matthew Evans

Our data hasn’t had a haircut in a while. To be honest, we’ve allowed it to grow and we looked in the mirror and realised that it looks a bit… well, unkempt. It is time to cut it all back, but the question is how short can we get away with?

So, what is the minimum amount of data a school can collect about students centrally whilst being an effective school?

Sitting behind this question is the desire to make our data systems simpler, easier and all about action. Partly this is about workload, but it is also driven by a creeping doubt about the value of some of the data we collect.

But before we head off to the barbers, lets take a look in the mirror. Just how much data is there, and which bits need trimming?

The data we collect falls in to two camps which we’ve…

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