Insights from DI part 9: The Sequencing of Skills


This is the ninth post looking at how ideas from Engelmann’s DI can be applied to the everyday classroom. The first eight can be found here: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

Like the last post, this one will primarily examine The Components of Direct Instruction by Cathy L. Watkins and Timothy A. Slocum, an article from The Journal Of Direct Instruction and an extract from Introduction to Direct Instruction. The paper can be found here:

In the last few posts, I have explored a number of factors that determine whether or not an instructional sequence is effective. Here is a quick recap:

a) We should choose to teach high utility concepts that have wide applications, ensuring that students can ‘exhibit generalised performance to the widest possible range of examples and situations.’

b) Teaching through examples…

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