If we can change a little, maybe parents can too

The Quirky Teacher

Bugger. I wrote a whole post, slammed my chromebook shut and then have opened it up to find *no* saved draft exists. This means that in order to close the loop currently going round in my head, I’m going to need to work quickly!

I was commenting on Damian Hinds’ recent foray into talking about the importance of early years and how it is so difficult for teachers in schools to close those gaps in learning and behaviour that are present when children start school. I think that EYFS could change, but he goes even further and says that perhaps parents could change too. Well huzzah because I totally agree and it’s great that he sees this despite the constant calls for the state to take on more and more of a parenting role. I even contemplated his suggestion of an app – you know, not all that bad an…

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