The Grumpy Teacher

Sometimes I wonder whether GCSEs should be scrapped.

I suppose, on balance, probably not, though not because I’m particularly attached to the institution. I fear the consequences, foreseen and unforeseen, of what such a revolution might involve. And it’s all very well saying that other countries cope without them; yes, they do, that’s true, but English secondary education has evolved with GCSEs (and their Ordinary predecessors) at its core, and ripping the whole thing up would be a bit too risky for me.

That isn’t to say there wouldn’t be benefits to unleashing 1917 again. While I’m no apologist for the Bolsheviks, I’ll give them this: if there was ever a group of people in history who deserved everything they got, it was the Czarist aristocracy. And, well, I’d like to think that in the cataclysm that abolishing GCSEs might unleash, History might benefit in one way at least. There’s…

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