Insights from DI part 7: Instructional Formats


This is the seventh post looking at how ideas from Engelmann’s DI can be applied to the everyday classroom. The first six can be found here: one, two, three, four, five, six

Like the last post, this one will examine The Components of Direct Instruction by Cathy L. Watkins and Timothy A. Slocum, an article from The Journal Of Direct Instruction and an extract from Introduction to Direct Instruction. The paper can be found here:

Instructional Formats

Once you have decided upon what you will teach (choosing high utility, generalizable concepts that allow students to ‘further develop their expertise’ in a subject), and have devised sequences of clear communication, the next step is to decide upon the instructional format which ‘specifies the way that teachers will present each example, explanations that they will give, questions that they will ask…

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