Three bad ideas about behaviour management

Exploring Education

  1. If you make your lessons interesting for students you won’t have behaviour problems
  2. You can sort difficult behaviour by forming relationships with students
  3. You should focus on reinforcing positive behaviour while ignoring negative behaviour

At the moment, our school is grappling with how to improve behaviour management, both school-wide and in the classroom, to improve learning and reduce teacher stress. It is not that we have chaos, far from it. But we all recognise there is room for improvement. We have a flow chart of how our system works and procedures spelled out in the staff handbook. But it seems to me that it is essential to weed out 3 bad ideas about behaviour management that are widespread in our education system before we can make progress.

Having trouble with unruly students? Make your lesson more interesting! Who hasn’t had this message given to them at training college or by…

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