Teachers as Critical Consumers of PD – The Effortful Educator

Most educators are currently enjoying their summer break; a bit of relaxation, life is a touch slower, and drinking coffee becomes more of a treat to be savored in the morning than a necessity for survival.  Many educators also take this time for professional growth. This can be in the form of reading books, blogs, edchats, conferences, and more. While a lot of this information can be beneficial, I fear we have entered into a situation in education where everything is believed, where any and all information that is presented is immediately taken as fact.  From the standpoint of a teacher, I do sympathize a bit with a lack of time and resources to verify the validity and reliability of all professional development…especially if the PD is mandated by administration. It just makes sense to believe that a person or company presenting a new gadget, system, or strategy would have studies and evidence to show their PD is effective, but that isn’t always so.

Source: Teachers as Critical Consumers of PD – The Effortful Educator


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