Slow motion problems: a teaching method I have learnt this year

Filling the pail

In my maths department, all teachers use the same detailed lesson plan and resources. Each plan contains examples and problems, as well as worked solutions to these examples and problems. The solutions are necessary because maths teachers often use surprisingly diverse approaches.

We meet as a cohort team once we have some assessment data. We then trawl through it, looking for anomalies. If groups are evenly matched, we might look for questions where one class seemed to do much better than the others. In cohorts that are ability grouped, we might look for questions where a less advanced group outperformed a more advanced group.

We then ask the teacher whose group performed well to try to account for this difference. Even with a detailed plan, there will always been slight differences in how a teacher interprets something or improvises in response to a student’s question, for instance. Given that we…

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