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It has become common, although I still find it surprising, to hear teachers use the word ‘data’ as if it were a bad thing.

‘Data drops’ have come to epitomise a pointless exercise in collecting meaningless numbers and feeding them into a system that can have no possible benefit for learners. People even say that Ofsted is ‘too reliant on data’, as if a judgement process could – or should – rely on anything other than data.

The problem is that data is often not actually data. The numbers that are typed into spreadsheets or tracking systems every six weeks don’t signify anything; they have no informational content, so cannot really be described as data.

If we are talking about assessment data, then some basic knowledge about assessment could help us to decide whether these numbers have any meaning or value. As a starting point, I offer here five criteria for assessment. In my view, if some ‘data’ production process does not meet these five, then it is NOT AN ASSESSMENT and no one should waste any time on it.

Source: But that is NOT AN ASSESSMENT! – CEM Blog

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