I just can’t let Harry fail

The Quirky Teacher

People keep banging on about how wonderful the whole EYFS shebang is, quoting me this, that and the other bit of the framework that was written by the same kinds of people, who then quote their own ideology and call it ‘evidence’ in a circular route to continued approval of the status quo, but I just can’t get over the fact that those boys, the white working class ones in particular, stare right back at me when I look at the (bottom of) data.

I too have flitted into plenty of EYFS reception year settings. Granted, no where near as many as the experts, but I don’t seem to see the same things as the experts. Perhaps it’s because I look at it all in a different way – the expert may be drawn to where the adults are (‘drawing out’ those conversations with the children who engage with them)…

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