I’m seeing RED!

Dekker Delves into Dyslexia

I’m a bit mad, harassed and upset. There was actually a moment or two today when I considered giving up the advocacy gig. But luckily I’m hard wired for a fight and I won’t back down.

This week I’ve been under attack for posting the RANZCO media release titled “No scientific evidence that Irlen Syndrome exists, say ophthalmologists.” RANZCO media release 2018 https://ranzco.edu/media-and-advocacy/media-centre/media-releases/media-release-articles/no-scientific-evidence-that-irlen-syndrome-exists-say-ophthalmologists.

“What is the verdict?
Due to a critical lack of scientific evidence that Irlen Syndrome exists or that treatment methods do anything to improve an individual’s performance, RANZCO cannot endorse treatment of the condition.” RANZCO POSITION STATEMENT 2018 https://ranzco.edu/ArticleDocuments/176/Irlen%20Syndrome%20RANZCO%20Position%20Statement%20260418.pdf.aspx?Embed=Y

Lack of evidence supporting Irlen or vision therapies for Dyslexia or reading difficulties is not new. But I think RANZCO has been the of first organisation in Australia to come out and say what is on everyone’s lips… “no scientific evidence that Irlen Syndrome exists!” There I’m brave…

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