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The De-Skilled Teacher

Plato and Rousseau did not think children should study philosophy. Being the two most prominent philosophers of education, this is a pretty damning indictment of their own discipline. Plato argued that a philosophical education was essential for his guardians but cautioned against introducing them to philosophy too young because it risked the chance of them becoming cynical and engaging in self-aggrandising word-play rather than seeing philosophy as a noble pursuit of truth. In Emile (which may not reflect Rousseau’s views about a practical education system) Rousseau argues against introducing young children to philosophy because they should be engaging in the world of real objects rather than engaging in introspection. In colourful language he states “I see nothing more stupid than these children who have been reasoned with so much.”

I disagree with Plato and Rousseau however I think they are right that teaching philosophy in the wrong way to children…

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