How I learn 26 names within 5 minutes


I have been using this method since I was an NQT.  I am not sure how it came about, just developed over my first few weeks I think.  Mainly due to the fact that I used to hate it when teachers did not know my name.  ‘You there’, or ‘You, yes, you’ – used to drive me crazy, and also add to the fact that I was far more likely to misbehave for teachers like this.  If they could not even be bothered to learn my name, then why should I show them more respect?  Yes, I used to be quite horrid.

It has worked for me for 16 years.  It may be the exact same method you have used for 50, BUT – I think it’s great, and really really helps when forming relationships with your new students.  Classroom climate and rapport with students is my number 1 –…

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