T. Sherrington, The Learning Rainforest: Great teaching in real classrooms


Anyone starting out in a career in teaching should read this book in its entirety.  It synthesises a huge amount of research and provides clear and concise explanations of a whole range of things that every teacher should understand, such as cognitive load theory and desirable difficulties.  It contains useful sections on, amongst other things, discipline, feedback, assessment, how to build knowledge and teaching for memory.  In each section, Sherrington not only points the reader towards the research of at least one educationalist, but also engages with their ideas, making clear what he finds useful, or otherwise, and why.  The chapters on ‘Establishing the conditions’ and ‘Building the knowledge structure’ are packed with practical advice for classroom teachers on how to implement good practice.

Three specific things from the book I particularly liked were:

  • The section on homework (p. 93-100), which Sherrington uses to explain why headline effect sizes are…

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