If we gave in to every request, chaos would ensue

The Quirky Teacher

So I read this and felt guilty for coming to the end of the article and still thinking that SATs are OK. Why is this? Is there something wrong with me? As far as I know, I’ve never met a year 6 teacher who aims to make children in his or her class feel bad about SATs. If anything, the whole experience is like a long team-building exercise, with a big game of rounders and ice creams at the end. I’ve also yet to meet a year 6 child who has had to be taken to the doctor’s for exam anxiety. However, the author of the article is not lying, and perhaps her children are particularly prone to anxiety – a small percentage of the population do have a really serious, debilitating reaction to all forms of stress (I have met them; they tend to be really intelligent in my…

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